Our thinking

With more than 10 years working in the field, we have learnt a lot. We will use this space to share some of our past and present thinking about why we think value chain mapping is important and what our plans and aspirations for the future are. Get in touch and tell us what you think - we're always looking for a good debate!

Assessment, awareness…alleviation?: Tackling modern slavery (effectively) is a minority practice in pursuit of dominance

By Gems Gordon

Enough is enough

By Tim Wilson

Globalisation magic & the risks in supply chains

By Tim Wilson

Empathy and Optimism for the Future of an Ethical Supply Chain

By Gems Gordon

Join our team: Python developer position

By Aidan Skinner

Understanding product origins: Insights from consumer psychology

By Tanushree Sarkar

Usability Researcher Wanted

By Hannah Harris

The Modern Slavery Act: the ongoing journey of what it will mean for business

By Larissa Prevett

The power of algorithms & the case for String3

By Marshall Buxton

Can luxury ever be ethical?

By Carlos Ferreira

Do we need 3rd party responsible sourcing schemes as well as traceability tools?

By Tim Wilson

Does the consumer really care?

By Marylyn Carrigan

Future Fabrics Expo: Tracing the value chain of our textiles

By Charlotte Turner

Far from sight, close to the heart?

By Carlos Ferreira

Understanding the origin of products is key to ending supply chain scandals

By Tim Wilson

Workshop Report: How can you control something you can’t see?

By Tim Kitchin

Developing sustainable products for the clothing industry is easy

By Mark Sumner

Fashion Revolution Day. Who Made Your Clothes?

By Tim Wilson

Is collecting accurate value chain data a 'wicked' problem?

By Tim Wilson

Don't ask the supplier...

By Tim Wilson

Do you know your product history?

By Tim Wilson